Installation of Certificate.

Agency View Point for WIOA is secured behind a certificate enabled cloud data center named FosTech Cloud Services.  Even if you have the RemoteApp link, you cannot access it from a computer that does not have the certificate installed.  I have attached the certificate here.  To install it;

1.  Save it to your desktop or downloads folder.
2.  Open My Computer and browse to where you saved the file ""
3.  Right click on the file and select "Install PFX"
4.  A screen should open that says Certificate import wizard at the top left and Welcome to the Certificate Import Wizard in the middle.
5.  Select Current User and click next.
6.  Leave the filename alone and click next.
7.  Call 918-715-5050 for the password.  Enter it and click next.
8.  You should click next on all following screens until finish appears.  Click finish.

9  Run the RemoteApp link provided from FosTech Solutions Inc for Agency View-Point and you are in.