With all the recent updates happening with Windows operating systems there has been a recurring problem with connecting to our server. This error will say two things. First, "Your credentials did not work". Followed by a short paragraph that starts with "Your system administrator does not allow the use of saved credentials...". This is happening do to a setting on the computer itself. The following steps will allow your system to work as intended again.

1. Run GPEdit.msc. Do this simply by searching for "gpedit" and double clicking it once it shows up on the list.

2. Navigate, using the folders on the left, to:

     a. Computer Configuration

     b. Administrative Templates

     c. System

     d. Credentials Delegation

3. Once in Credentials Delegation, double click on "Allow Saved Credentials with NTLM-only Server Authentication".

4. On the left, click on "enable".

5. Below that, click where is says "Show".

6. To the right of the arrow, add "Microsoft Virtual Console Service/*" (without the quotations), and click Apply.

7. Close out of the GPEdit.msc window(s).

8. Open the Command Prompt by searching for "cmd".

9. In the Command Prompt type "gpupdate". 

10. This should solve the issues you were having.