1. Who is a Participant and who is a Reportable Individual
  2. Determining the “Date of Participation” and how to configure AVP correctly
  3. Determining the “Date of First Related Assistance Service” and how to configure AVP correctly
  4. How to Calculate Section B.5(Reportable Individuals) in the QNR(WIOA Plan vs Actual)
  5. Issues with a Plan created without knowing that RA-Onlys will never be participants and suggested methods of correcting the plan.
  6. Export PIRL waits 6 months to report follow up data.
  7. Export PIRL does not report Date of Program Entry (900) and Date of Program Exit(901) in PIRL Record
  8. MSG – Element 1811 is used for the dividend for MSG performance calculations.
  9. Progress towards submitting the reports due for 1st quarter, PY 2017.