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Path forward from CERTSS WIA to Agency View-Point WIOA

The issue at hand is moving everyone over to the FosTech Cloud Services system and the initial release of AVP.  All of your carryover and PY 2016 CERTSS data will be imported into AVP, and then we will start making modifications to meet the 1600 (give or take a few) pages of regulations as well as the new PIRL data format.

Why 2 Systems;  We are not sure how we are to report yet, but we are sure of two things.
  1.   Any service given prior to July 1, 2016 is a WIA service so it will most likely be reported in the SPR rolling quarter format and the WIA Program Status Summary Report.
  2.   Any service given after July 1, 2016 is a WIOA service so it will need to be reported under the WIOA guidelines and the new PIRL data format.

With this we can go ahead and import all carryovers and all services provided on or after July 1, 2016.   We will then start making the required changes to AVP for the eligibility process.  Once that is working, then we will continue to move forward throughout the system until everything is working for WIOA and PIRL.  If we just made these changes to all of the clients in the system, then the WIOA changes would make a mess of all of the information gathered and entered for WIA and SPR.  I feel it is a much better and cleaner solution to only have the clients required for WIOA in the system while we are making the required adjustments.

This dual system will mean that ALL new services will go into the new AVP system except for Follow Ups on clients exited prior to July 1, 2016.  These clients will remain in the WIA-SPR CERTSS system to allow you to report their information in the SPR format. 

I am hoping to use this forum to discuss first the different eligibility requirements and then the PIRL data fields and how they effect what information your staff need to be capturing on intake.  According to Andrew, since your carry overs are still active, you may be required to try and get this data from them. 

Best Regards to everyeone and I look forward to the collaboration.
Kyle Foster
FosTech Solutions Inc.
(918) 470-8414

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